Protecting your business with CleverLoop

Camera security systems like CleverLoop are rapidly becoming an essential business tool these days.

When people think of using security cameras or a CCTV system to protect their businesses, they tend to think about protecting their premises and protecting their stock. Less obvious, but just as important, are the opportunities that surveillance cameras provide for you to protect your staff, customers and workplace health and safety.

More and more business owners are discovering that once they have a CleverLoop business security system in place, the benefits that the system brings to them rapidly grow beyond what they had in mind initially.

Anyone who owns or operates a business knows that there is a lot more to it than the premises and the stock, or machinery. Just as important are the staff, customers and the processes that keep the business running smoothly.

Having a camera system, that can capture clear, high resolution footage installed in a business is a great way to protect both your customers and your staff. With well placed cameras, any accidents, unusual events or altercations can be captured, often from more than one angle. Now these things might be rare occurrences, but if, or when they do happen, having footage that you can refer back to is a great way to get to the bottom of what actually went on.

Similarly, a well placed camera with a unobstructed view of a till, and a bit of staff training around making cash, particularly notes, visible is a great way to settle those “I gave you a $50 note and you gave me change for $20” discussions.

A ceiling mounted CleverLoop indoor camera keeps an eye on the counter and till at Floyd's Cafe. Footage from a camera like this can make settling disputes over change owed easy.

Floyd’s Cafe use a ceiling mounted indoor camera to cover their counter and till area.

The other less obvious application for security cameras, is as part of a business’s health and safety system. New Zealand Health and Safety requirements took a significant step up in 2015, and this has had an impact on the way nearly all NZ businesses view health and safety.

In any situation where staff are exposed to hazards or risk, whether it be in stockroom, factory floors, loading areas, around machinery etc, it is essential to have processes in place to minimise these hazards and risks. Using cameras, linked to a hard drive that can continuously record footage, can allow you to pick up on unsafe practices or behaviours before they turn into something more serious. Better to know early about any training or process changes that might be needed, rather than when it’s too late.

Stockrooms, warehouses and delivery areas are all great places to have security cameras, and not just for security.

Stockrooms, warehouses and delivery areas are all Great places to have security cameras, and not just for security.

If an incident or accident does happen though, there is always the potential for any investigation to hinge on what policies the management had in place versus what the staff were actually doing in specific situation. This is where having camera footage can be invaluable.

With footage of either a specific incident, or the events leading up to and immediately after the incident, there is going to be a lot less uncertainty in any investigation.

Also, keep in mind that all these different applications for a CleverLoop security camera system don’t have to be exclusive. With some forethought about which areas of your business need protecting with cameras, you’ll probably find that in many cases individual cameras will be able to do two or three different jobs for you all from the same location.

So when you are considering buying and installing a camera security system in your business, think about any other times when having video footage at your fingertips would be useful when you get to the “how many cameras do we need and where are we going to put them?” part of the process.

For more info on how CleverLoop’s different functions and modes can be used as a tool to help you manage your business, have a read of this article.

by CleverLoop Team
June 22, 2017