Home Security Case Study – Stuart’s Security Story

Stuart from Manakau sent us a really good write up of the process he went through to choose and instal a new security system in his home. We thought you might like to read it, so this is the full unedited version.

We recently purchased a CleverLoop Security System for our home in Auckland, New Zealand and have been very happy with the product and service provided by CleverLoop.

Ahead of the purchase I researched a number of camera/security options and packages that were available on the market. The CleverLoop system “ticked all of the boxes” so I called the free-phone number on the website to ask a few questions and was delighted by the service I received. Firstly, I got to talk to a real person (not some automated answering service) and secondly the person I spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and helped me to refine my final hardware selection, gave me peace of mind that back-up support was only a phone call away and they were also able to ensure my online order was ready for overnight delivery – which would ensure I had it for the weekend and meant I could install it before we went on holiday.

When the system arrived I was immediately impressed with the way it had been packaged and presented. The cameras were all very high quality with the outdoor units being a lot more robust than others that I had seen in retail outlets. All of the wiring was above grade and the installation instructions and smart device links/step-by-step guides made the set up process really easy.

I had originally planned on hard wiring in one or two of the cameras as I knew they may be on the edge of our WiFi range and were a number of walls between our router. But after completing a quick test I found that they delivered excellent video quality without the hardwiring – so installed them with the WiFi only which meant less work and less holes drilled in the house, perfect.

Once the system was configured and up and running on my phone (and my wife’s phone) we set about testing the system out and playing around with the settings to fine tune the cameras – we both loved how simple and easy it was to use. We have a couple of dogs on the property and are surrounded by trees and plants which can often move in the wind which we thought this might end up giving us some false alerts, but the system has ‘self-learned’ a lot of the ‘standard’ movements and now delivers us accurate alerts and movements.

The ability to access the system remotely and adjust cameras is fantastic and gives us great peace of mind when we are away from home.

A recent technical issue with the base station confirmed my thoughts in regards to the excellent after-sales support from CleverLoop, they responded to my request for help very quickly and were able to provide a link that walked me through some troubleshooting options. I was able to identify the problem (base station was getting to hot due to poor placement on my part), I made the changes they suggested and everything was back to normal again.

The CleverLoop is more than just a product, it is a solution provider that is very customer centric and delivers on what it promises. I’ve already recommended CleverLoop to a number of my friends and neighbours and shown them the system working – they are all equally impressed.

Keep up the great work CleverLoop.



by CleverLoop Team
January 19, 2017