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Having been concerned about being taken for a ride by security equipment contractors , I decided to buy a fit a system myself. We saw the CleverLoop system at a home show and were impressed by the equipment , the app, and the enthusiasm & ownership of the representative . We bought a couple of cameras and base station, and have just added to it. It’s easy to setup and use, and less worry than the burgler alarm we have with respect to annoying the neighbors with any nuisance alarms.

Great product thanks.


Paul , Nelson Area.


Love my CleverLoop. I love the value of this system! Super easy to set up and use. Whole family has access from their smart phones. Image is clear, night vision is awesome and customer support/tech support is awesome. I can’t say enough! CLEVERLOOP!!

Dan Gill on Facebook



Simple, reliable, brilliant. Hands down the best video monitoring solution on the market. Highly recommended.

Grant Pritchard on Google Play



Apprehensive at first but turned out great

My decision about which brand of camera system to choose was made fairly easy by the cost differences. With cleverloop I got more cameras for less money. Not being that great at technical stuff I was a bit worried when I read reviews about the problems that people were having setting the cameras up, and the lack phone support for the product, but most reviews were positive so I decided to give it a go.

Setting up the cameras was the trickiest part and after a few tries with the instructions that came with the system, and looking at the camera answers of the support section of the cleverloop website (which was a bit too technical for me!) I submitted a support ticket.

They got back to me very quickly, and apologized for the camera related support pages – apparently they are in the process of being rewritten. With the much simpler instructions that they gave me (it’s mostly about waiting longer than you think for the cameras to set themselves up) I had the whole system working fine about 2 hours after I put the support ticket in.

Overall I’m very impressed with the product, it does exactly what I need it to. I’ve been showing it off to all our friends and some of them are now looking at buying a cleverloop themselves.

Aaron – Verified purchaser on Amazon


High-spec cameras connectable through WiFi coupled with a brilliantly designed app make this a genuinely smart security system. If you’re looking for an affordable security system for your home or small business you certainly won’t find a better system available for $699. – See the full review here


The 4 simple things that put the CleverLoop camera security system ahead of the rest for me.

I went for CleverLoop after working through a bunch of reviews for different camera based home security systems like Amcrest, Zmodo, Nest Cam, Arlo, FrontPoint, Canary and Piper. IMHO, CleverLoop blows them away based on the 4 simple things that I was looking for:
– The number of cameras I could get
– Being able to monitor outside
– Additional smart and nice to have features
– Price to buy and use.
I ended up buying a CleverLoop wireless security camera system with 2 indoor and 2 outdoor cameras and over the last couple of weeks I’ve had time to get it up and running and see how it performs. I have to say, I’m a big fan now!

Samuel Li – See the full review here on Amazon


Great set of cameras! Loving every bit of CleverLoop so far. Fits our needs and price range.

Anonymous review on Google Play


Great package that does what I need it to and then some

Here’s what I was looking for in a security camera set-up:
1] Have an android app that the two of us could use.
2] Be relatively secure and utilize the cloud.
3] Once up and running take minimal effort to maintain.
4] Not be so invasive that it captures our every movement.
5] Not require running wires all over our 2 story house i.e. have wireless capabilities.
6] Have exterior cameras that are weatherproof, have night vision, have a reasonable range of view, have good clarity and are triggered with movement.
7] Have one indoor and three outdoor cameras.
8] Not have monthly fees.
9] Not break the bank.
10] Have accessible support.

I ended up purchasing the three outdoor camera CleverLoop system a couple of weeks ago. I initially had purchased a couple of Arlo cameras since they were battery operated, but found them too limited and slow to respond.

Thanks for the helpSee the full review here on Amazon


Works great, wish I could use 3rd party cameras but the cameras they sell are reasonably priced.

Devin Hansen on Google Play


My most fav after trying 6 other brands.. here’s why.. Updated Sep 2016 and again dec 2016

I must say, I have gone through probably 6 different brands and had to return each… Some had connection problems, others just had annoying features and many are on 24/7, which for inside your house and hackers and privacy is no bueno. I love that CleverLoop has updated their software probably 3 times with all new features and key fixes in the short month or two that i have owned it. LOVE the Geofencing, which now works great and allows your system to ARM once your phone is within X yards of your house. . Always on when not home . Always off when I am home and I can also control any to go on or off at any time!!!

NeillySee the 2 updates (over 7 months of use) to the Amazon review here

by CleverLoop Team
October 15, 2016